Lilliput Lane - Special Collections

Special Collections from Lilliput Lane including Village Shops Collection, Tea Rooms Collection, Bed and Breakfast Collection, Limited Editions, Collectors Club Special Editions and Symbols of Membership

Welcome to Orsatti Collectables, where we are delighted to showcase the extraordinary Special Collections from Lilliput Lane. These collections offer a unique and captivating range of miniature treasures that cater to the diverse interests of collectors and enthusiasts.

Indulge in the nostalgic charm of our Village Shops collection, which features intricately crafted replicas of quaint storefronts, capturing the essence of traditional village life. Step into the inviting world of our Tea Rooms Collection, where every delicate detail is captured, allowing you to experience the cozy ambiance of charming tea rooms. Experience the warmth and hospitality of our Bed and Breakfast Collection, with its enchanting miniatures that transport you to idyllic retreats. Discover the exclusivity of our Limited Editions, which are highly sought-after and offer a rare opportunity to own a truly exceptional piece of Lilliput Lane’s craftsmanship. For avid collectors, our Collectors Club Special Editions hold a special place, showcasing unique designs created exclusively for club members. Finally, explore the Symbols of Membership collection, a celebration of the collective spirit and shared passion among Lilliput Lane collectors. Immerse yourself in these special collections, each one offering its own distinctive appeal and allure. Whether you are starting your collection or expanding an existing one, these special editions are sure to add beauty, character, and a touch of whimsy to your display. Begin your journey into the world of Lilliput Lane’s Special Collections and uncover the treasures that await you.